No Hands Pinger is a simple but effective tool that can be used to ping any website or webpage that you like.

Pinging is the act of notifying search engines and other important websites that your webpage(s) exist. In some instances this process can get your webpages indexed in a more timely fashion, it is not as quick or reliable as indexing your links with a tool such as No Hands Indexer but it does help if your other option is to do nothing.

One of the best things with No Hands Pinger is the fact that it is given away absolutely free, there is no cost to purchase or use No Hands Pinger at all.

No Hands Pinger was designed as a standalone software that can take a single page you feed it or a list of hundreds or thousands of pages and just go off and ping them to 30+ important websites such as Google, Pingomatic, Pingoat and more.

No Hands Pinger can be easily integrated with important SEO and backlinking tools such as No Hands SEO and No Hands Indexer

All you need to do is feed this tool your webpages and hit the start button and No Hands Pinger will do the rest.