DomRecovery is an innovative new software that can be used to recover any website from the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine* so that it can be re-uploaded and used again.

The Wayback Machine* contains perfect copies of most websites online today and in the past so it is a great resource for checking what a website used to look like. This makes it perfect for recovering old versions of a website or for recovering past instances of a website.

DomRecovery is the only tool capable of downloading websites from the Wayback Machine* in their entirety including layout, styles, content and images and any other media that has been archived with it.

Manually it could take many hours to replicate a website, fix all of the internal links and then remove any trace of the Wayback Machine but DomRecovery takes all of this hard work and automates it so each website can be recovered within minutes and re-purposed for use on any domain with any links to other sections of your PBN or money sites.

For the past year networks of websites have become the most powerful SEO tool available but creating a new design and content for each website in the network can take such a huge amount of time or money invested but now you can fill out your network with minimal costs and time.

DomRecovery is the ideal partner for Domain Hunter Gatherer and other expired domain mining tools when used for creating an unbeatable source of powerful SEO links. The software is very simple to use and is fully wizard driven so all you need to enter in is the website you want to recover and DR will do the rest for you.

DomRecovery is fully multi threaded to ensure the fastest recovery possible and also supports proxies to hide your real IP address when recovering a website and also offers controls to intelligently change the output website’s internal linking structure for use on any domain amongst other great features.

With a 7 day full money back guarantee there is no reason not to give this amazing new software a try and get ahead of your competition today.

*Internet Archive and Wayback Machine are both trademarked names and owned and controlled by third parties. Neither Internet Archive or Wayback Machine are in any way affiliated with us.