Domain Hunter Gatherer Pro takes on all functionality of Domain Hunter Gatherer Free and Domain Hunter Gatherer Premium giving it the ability to crawl all major domain auction websites to find great brandable domains also to be able to find aged web2.0 and blog accounts.

Where Domain Hunter Gatherer expands on this functionality is that it also gives the ability to find an unlimited amount of aged domains that can be bought up for the same price of a new domains.

These are domains that are of a similar or better quality than those for sale at auction sites yet can be had for much lower prices from your preferred domain registrar.

While the free web2.0 accounts can be used to fill out a PBN and add some great free ranking power to your network the real power and control will always come from aged domains that you own outright and can put any content on. A group of aged domains will allow you to leave no footprints for consistent ranking and traffic improvements for the long term and you have no concerns of it being taken away from you like is possible with a web2.0 or blog account on a 3rd party website.

Domain Hunter Gatherer Pro allows you to find aged domains in any niche via any keyword(s) you would like, it will do all of the searching and crawling to find domains.

You can also enter in a website to find available domains that it links to to snap up a domain with links from any hugely authoritative website such as,, or ANY other website. These domains are seen as trusted due to their association with these well known websites.

Crawling of websites to find available aged domains has another amazing purpose; finding domains with links from your competitors. Simply by entering a list of your competitors websites you can find a bunch of quality domains that your competitors are linking to. There is no better way to out rank your competition than to get links from them and now you can with such little effort.

Once you have your list of domains you can see a lot of detailed information about them directly within Domain Hunter Gatherer using a combination of built in information, free APIs or even one or more of the available premium APIs.

Basic information about all accounts is displayed automatically such as:

  • Domain Length
  • TLD (.com, .net etc)
  • Hyphen in the domain name
  • Numbers in the domain name

Once you have your list of expired / availableĀ domains you can easily analyse their stats to determine their value. Most of the important stats can be detected without any further cost, all stats are listed below:

  • PageRank
  • Domain Age
  • Indexed status in Google
  • Indexed status in Yahoo
  • Twitter Tweets
  • Facebook Shares, Likes and Comments
  • LinkedIn Shares
  • Google +1s
  • Pinterest Pins
  • Alexa Rank and Links
  • Google Mentions
  • Moz stats (DA, PA, Links, Rank and Referring Domains) Included for free
  • Majestic stats (Links, Referring Domains, CF and TF) Included for free

You can even integrate important third party APIs to really determine the ultimate quality of the web2.0 accounts you find

  • Ahrefs (Links, Domain Rank, Referring Domains, Referring Pages)
  • SemRush (Links, Traffic, Price, Rank, Keywords)

The premium proprietary stats provided above are completely optional and you do not need any paid service to get the more important stats such as PageRank, age etc.

DHG is actually the only tool of its kind that incorporates both Moz and Majestic stats into the expired domain findings for absolutely no extra cost to the user. With DHG Pro whenever you find an aged / expired domain that is available you will automatically be able to see the Moz and Majestic stats. Moz and Majestic are both $45 a month so there is a $90 per month value right there.

Domain Hunter Gatherer Pro is a professional software for professional users yet is very user friendly and built to work for you with as little input as is necessary. The price of $77 isĀ a reflection of the $100+ per month bonuses and the benefit it can bring to your PBN / SEO efforts.

Networks of privately owned aged domains are the basis for all successful SEO campaigns. There are countless examples of new websites ranking for incredibly competitive terms with the use of PBNs. There is also a huge market in pre-owned domain names that are seen to be selling for in excess of hundreds of dollars each, these sellers are using DHG to find their domains and have actually built their business around this software.

DHG really is the only tool capable of finding so many domains from so many different sources with so little effort. If you are looking to rank for competitive keywords, build a PBN to sell links or simply wanting to start buying and selling domains there really is no better place to start.

There is no competition to DHG right now and it is only improving at an incredible rate.